The SCC Fall Season Kicks Off!

photo by Brian Quinn

Are you a freshman who has never witnessed Community College sports? No worries! Here is a breakdown of Shoreline Community College’s active sports this quarter and a basic guide on how to survive throughout the season. And no… SCC does not have American Football. Not new to SCC? Welcome back!

Word On The Street: How do you feel about your classes so far?

"I’m taking English block classes this quarter,
so I’m saving a lot of money on textbooks!
It’s a new program so the teachers are pretty
-Alisha Lim

De-Railing Corporate Monopoly in the Age of Information

What is net neutrality? If you have heard anything about the recent debate over Federal Communications Commission(FCC) regulations, you may have asked this same question. The basic concept of net neutrality is that all data on the internet is treated equally, and is not to be discriminated against.

The Student Guide to Savings and Survival


Fast foods, convenience foods (like frozen pizza), and eating at the PUB or one of the school coffee stands might be fast and seem inexpensive in the moment, but in the long run they will cost you. A study by Family Medicine in 2010 concluded that a convenience diet is on average 24% more expensive than a whole food diet over a one month period. This can save you hundreds of dollars over a year.





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