Is the sun setting on the Patriot Act?

Key provisions of the U.S. Patriot Act and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) are set to expire on June 1 unless Congress takes action to renew them.
These sunset provisions, or provisions with a limited lifetime within a law, were intended to expire four years after their introduction in 2001, but underwent several reauthorizations by congress.

Princess Angeline

The Duwamish tribe is not extinct. Raising awareness for their unrecognized status speaker Edie Loyer-Nelson, a Duwamish tribe member, spoke at a showing of the film "Princess Angeline." 75 students filled the Quiet Dining Room on Tuesday, April 21 to view the film that breaks down the history of Seattle's land and examines how European settlement affected both the land and the Duwamish people.

Annoying Teachers v. Annoying Students


We’ve all heard the horror stories, and we all have a few of our own. “Ms. So-and-so made me cry in ninth grade,” or “Mr. What’s-his-face gave the worst assignments.” It’s an unavoidable part of being a student - eventually you will have that one professor, the one you’ll never forget, and not for good reasons.

Of course, there are great teachers out there too. The ones you’re crazy about and will remember forever, who write you that recommendation letter and get you into Stanford.

Hungry for change

Sharon Wilfong rushes into the restaurant out of the pouring rain. She removes her dripping layers one at a time and unwraps her long purple scarf. Wilfong stands fearless at 6 feet tall. She eagerly orders a cup of coffee and smiles at the waitress with thankful eyes.



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