GOP Presents is Second Round of Debates: Eleven Rings Under One Tent

This next presidential election will bring my third opportunity to have a say in “who will hold the

nuclear launch codes” and the highest seat in the United States of America. I passed up on my

previous opportunities to vote because part of me didn’t care and the other part felt it would be

irresponsible to cast a vote based on what I learned about candidates on Facebook.

This time I am going to make it count. Starting with dedicating time to finding out which

candidate’s stance and agenda I agree with most, and ending with a well­informed vote.

A&E and Athletics Receive Extra Funds as Result of Student Fee Increase

The Student Services and Activities (SS&A) Student Fee Increase went into effect

this summer after SCC’s Board of Trustees approved the proposal on June 24, 2015.

With the SS&A student fee budget scenario now in place, two programs in particular

appear to take up a sizable portion of the $1.4 million fund distribution: SCC

Athletics and Arts and Entertainment (A&E).

According to the SS&A Student Fee Budget, Athletics will receive $316,748 for its

Find Adventure this Fall

Although it was a bit shy this year, fall is beginning to come out as we start our school year here at SCC.

Many of us probably think that, because summer is over, so is the season for enjoying the great

outdoors. But let’s not hang up our hiking shoes and stow away our road maps just yet! Here’s a list of

great local hikes that can be explored in a day, so we have enough time to get back to our cozy homes at


Glacier View Wilderness

Puppets at SCC Will Sing: "The Internet is for Porn"

The world was a much simpler place when we were children. What’s that animal? What doesn’t

belong? Big bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster had the answer then, but what if they could help us

with our new, grown­up problems now?

“Avenue Q,” the next musical production coming to SCC, presents its story in the style of

popular children’s shows that rely on puppets. In addition to dealing with current issues, the

musical explores some risqué concepts by pushing the boundaries of what many consider




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