Get to Know a Librarian

Visiting a teacher during office hours is a great way to clarify assignments, get extra elaboration

on a subject, or help expand a concept. But your teachers aren’t the only people on campus

qualified and willing to help you. If you haven’t tried visiting the library it should be at the top of

your to­do list.

The librarians at SCC are willing and able to guide you in your research and help you with your

Digitally Stranded? How to WIFI Like a Pro

At the beginning of the quarter, with SCC flooded by new students, one of the best ways to get

any question answered (or at least find out where to look) is to ask a fellow student. Most of the

time there's a weathered veteran around who knows where your class is, where the food is, how

to print out that assignment that's due in five minutes, etcetera.

But for some reason when you ask around about how to connect to SCC's WiFi, you get a lot of

head scratching from even the professional students. I suspect this is because you generally

The Street Code Myth: A ‘spoiler free’ review of “Black Mass” Johnny Depp shines in his darkest role yet

What is it about the persona of larger than life criminals and films about them that capture public

attention so effectively?

I have always stood somewhere between being mystified by and somehow relating to

characters like James “Whitey” Bulger. We do always have a choice, and the result is what

separates the animals from the citizens .

Black Mass is another chapter aimed at satisfying the desire to understand what makes a man

operate so far outside the lines of civility.

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