Students take to drawing board for library fix-up

“I would start going to the library if it had girls,” was one of the answers presented at the Oct. 28
meeting concerning the Ray W. Howard Library remodeling project.
The remodel phase is scheduled to start in June 2016, students can expect the library to remain
open, according to representatives of McGranahan Architects. McGranahan Architects has
been contracted to execute the remodel.

A glimpse behind the gears

Word on the Street: What's your secret talent

Riley Montgomery
“I make perfect Kraft Mac N’ Cheese. Friends used to come over after school for my Mac N’

Stian Myraas
“I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 28 seconds.”

Sae El Naby
“I can recite most Pokémon episodes from the original 150.”

Katy Ozeog
“I’m really good at picking things up with my feet.”

The scripture in pictures – a new look at an old book

There are a variety of condensed and edited versions of the Bible which make it more readable,
such as “The Bible For Dummies” by Jeffrey Geoghegan and Michael Homan, or “A Child’s First
Bible” by Kenneth N. Taylor if you’re feeling really lazy about it.



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